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​Jewish Studies at Delaware is an intellectually compelling, interdisciplinary program that offers a broad range of courses in Jewish culture, especially its literature, language and history, as well as its ethics, politics and philosophy. The program’s courses allow you to explore two thousand years of a rich heritage and civilization, from its ancient origins to contemporary forms in the United States, Israel and in communities around the world. The study of Jewish history and culture provides a window for engaging with profound questions about modernity, including th​e impact of modernization on traditional Jewish life and the critical contributions that Jews have made to the modern world.

The University’s Special Collections at Morris Library also provides students and fa​culty with rare access to the papers of world-famous American Jewish writers, including Allen Ginsberg, Arthur Miller, Philip Roth and Gertrude Stein.

The Program is housed in the Frank and Yetta Chaiken Center for Jewish Studies and was endowed with a generous gift by the Chaikens.

For information regarding the Jewish Studies program, please contact Katie Capallo.


Uniquely Inte​rdisciplinary

​Jewish Studies is a uniquely interdisciplinary field at Delaware. Our courses are cross-listed and taught by faculty in the departments of History, English, Sociology, Philosophy, Political Science, Foreign Languages and others. This diverse range of disciplines allows the Jewish Studies Minor to enrich many majors at the University. Courses range from small, intimate seminars to large lecture courses. Our curriculum is enhanced by cultural events and lectures that bring innovative scholars and artists to campus to share their work and participate in the intellectual life of the university.

Meet the​ Faculty​

Program Curriculum​

The courses in the Jewish Studies program encompass the range of modern Jewish Studies, including European Jewish life, classical and modern Jewish thought, contemporary Israel, the Holocaust, American Jewish culture, as well as modern Hebrew language and literature. Our program curriculum emphasizes the varieties of modern Jewish experience around the world today. In addition to our core curriculum in modern Jewish history and culture, we also offer courses in Biblical and Rabbinic literature, as well as medieval Jewish thought and history.​​

Read more about the requirements:

Jewish Studies Minor

Jewish Studies Minor (Language)​

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Jewish Studies Research and Conference Funds Program​

The Yetta and Frank Chaiken Center for Jewish Studies is pleased to offer awards of up to $400 per academic year to support research and conference attendance in any area of Jewish Studies. All faculty and graduate students at the University of Delaware are eligible.

The subject of research or conference presentations may address any aspect of Jewish culture in the Diaspora or Israel, including history, religion, language, literature, politics, economics, demography, philosophy and/or art. The award period runs from September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024.

Funds may be used to offset the cost of research or conference travel and attendance. Salary, stipends and equipment are not eligible for funding.

Grant recipients may be asked to present their research results as part of the Issues in Jewish Studies spring public lecture series, as a guest lecturer in a Jewish Studies course or in another public forum.

Call for Proposals