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About CGAS

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The Center for Global and Area Studies (CGAS) is both a hub for global learning and a support center for international research. Bringing together faculty whose expertise spans disciplines and world regions, CGAS promotes research that increases global awareness and fosters an academic

 co​mmunity that is increasingly connected to the "global village".

Guided by the philosophy laid out in UD's Global Initiative that "global experience, both on our campus and beyond, is critical to our success", the CGAS provides opportunities for the rigorous study of AfricaAsiaEurope, the Islamic World, the Jewish diaspora,  Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, and transnational and global issues in general.

The Center houses cross-disciplinary programs that train students in the crucial skills needed for understanding global issues: culture, language, analysis, and experience with other cultures. They prepare our undergraduates to tackle the international topics that are constantly seen in the news cycle: globalization, multiculturalism, international business, cooperation and conflict resolution, poverty and the challenges of development, democratic development, migration, and environmental concerns, among others.

To cultivate a community-wide understanding of these issues, the Center designs curricula, offers small research grants for faculty, and sponsors events which explore not only other countries' political and economic structures, but also their cultures, histories, arts, languages, and literatures.

This comprehensive approach prepares Area Studies majors and minors to build successful careers in both domestic and transnational fields, including government and diplomacy, non-governmental organizations, international aid, education, banking, and international business.

CGAS is pleased to announce its recently created Minor in Global Studies. This interdisciplinary minor has been developed in partnership with other globally-oriented units on campus, including the Departments of Political Science and Anthropology and the Institute for Global Studies. Students in the Global Studies minor explore global issues through the study of contemporary global trends including climate change, health threats, poverty, democratization, conflict resolution, and more. Those who follow the enhanced version with a language component also continue to perfect their language skills.

Steering Committee

Cynthia Schmidt-Cruz, Director of the Center for Global and Area Studies

​Cynthia Schmidt-Cruz, Director of the Center for Global and Area Studies

The CGAS Steering Committee meets regularly to set the Center's goals, organize its direction, and plan collaborative events which engage UD's global learning community.

The Steering Committee is composed of the Director of Center for Global and Area Studies and the six Area Studies Faculty Directors. Details can be found on our searchable Faculty page.

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About CGAS
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About CGAS
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