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  • ​Class availability is subject to change.  
  • Please check the Registrar's page for additional information and consult your advisor with any questions regarding listed classes or possible substitutions for your major/minor.
  • For topics and seminar courses, discuss with your advisor to confirm the course is valid for your major/minor.



AFRA 110<p><strong>Introduction to African American Studies</strong><br></p>
AFRA 205<p><strong>​Contemporary African American Issues</strong><br></p>
AFRA 295<p><strong>​Black Women and Christianity</strong><br></p>
AFRA 305<p><strong>​Black Media Cultures</strong><br></p>
AFRA 443<p><strong>​Seminar in Africa Under Colonial Rule</strong><br></p>
AFRA 445<p><strong>​Black Bodies on Display: Race in Museums</strong><br></p>
AGRI 224<p><strong>One Health​</strong><br></p>
ANFS 230<p><strong>Foodborne Diseases: Investigating Outbreaks</strong><br></p>
ANFS 419<p><strong>​Topics in International Animal Agriculture</strong><br></p>
ANTH 101<p><strong>Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology</strong><br></p>
ANTH 106<p><strong>​Introduction to Anthropology of Health</strong><br></p>
ANTH 209<p><strong>​Contemporary South Asia: An Anthropological Introduction through Everyday Struggles</strong><br></p>
ANTH 210<p><strong>Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia </strong><br></p>
ANTH 211<p><strong>​Peoples and Cultures of East Asia</strong><br></p>
ANTH 212<p><strong>The Anthropology of Islam</strong><br></p>
ANTH 225<p><strong>​Peasant Societies</strong><br></p>
ANTH 230<p><strong>​Peoples of the World</strong><br></p>
ANTH 232<p><strong>Anthropology of Global Youth</strong><br></p>
ANTH 234<p><strong>​Environmental Anthropology: Plants, People and Pigs</strong><br></p>
ANTH 251<p><strong>Introduction to Ethnic Arts</strong><br></p>
ANTH 265<p><strong>High Civilizations of the Americas</strong><br></p>
ANTH 269<p>Early Civilizations of the Old World (various sections)​</p>
ANTH 302<p><strong>​Medical Anthropology</strong><br></p>
ANTH 304<p><strong>​Culture, Health & Environment</strong><br></p>
ANTH 307<p><strong>​Nutritional Anthropology</strong><br></p>
ANTH 310<p><strong>​Wives, Mistresses, and Matriarchs: Asian Women's Lives</strong><br></p>
ANTH 311<p><strong>​Anthropology of Tourism and Travel</strong><br></p>
ANTH 312<p><strong>​Asian Women in the Globalized Workplace</strong><br></p>
ANTH 316<p><strong>Islam and Gender</strong><br></p>
ANTH 323<p><strong>Prehistory of South America</strong><br></p>
ANTH 326<p><strong>The African Diaspora and the World</strong><br></p>
ANTH 330<p><strong>Development and Underdevelopment</strong><br></p>
ANTH 333<p><strong>Peoples of Africa</strong><br></p>
ANTH 334<p><strong>​Peoples and Cultures of Argentina</strong><br></p>
ANTH 337<p><strong>​South American Indians</strong><br></p>
ANTH 338<p><strong>​Arts and Crafts of Native South America</strong><br></p>
ANTH 351<p><strong>Race and Ethnicity in Latin America</strong><br></p>
ANTH 352<strong>Refugees and Forced Migration</strong><br>
ANTH 354<p><strong>​Global Humanitarianism</strong><br></p>
ANTH 363<p>Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective <br></p>
ANTH 369<p>China since 1949<br></p>
ANTH 370<p><strong>​Culture of Food Production and Economic Development</strong><br></p>
ANTH 372<p><strong>​Culture and Colonialism</strong><br></p>
ANTH 375<p><strong>Peoples and Cultures of Modern Latin America​</strong><br></p>
ANTH 457<p><strong>​Survey of African Art</strong><br></p>
APEC 100<p><strong>Sustainable Development</strong><br></p>
APEC 410<p><strong>International Agricultural Trade and Marketing </strong><br></p>
ARAB 105<p><strong>Arabic I - Elementary​</strong></p>
ARAB 106<p><strong>Arabic II - Elementary/Intermediate​</strong></p>
ARAB 107<p><strong>​Arabic III - Intermediate</strong><br></p>

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Searchable database of Area Studies Courses
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