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News Women Writers Around the Globe

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Fall 2019 Lecture Series - Open to the Public

The University of Delaware's Center for Global and Area Studies will be holding its Fall 2019 "Issues in Global Studies" lecture series on Mondays from 12:20-1:10pm in 108 Memorial Hall.  This semester's series is entitled "Women Writers around the Globe."

Each lecture in the series which continues through December 2 is free and open to the public.  The series is also part of a one-credit course (ARSC300) that is a core course for the minor in Global Studies.

Literature plays a significant role in shaping human cultures and societies. It not only represents who we are and where we live, but to a certain extent, it also constructs our ways of thinking and how we interpret our experience. Women’s voices in the long history of literature are almost always suppressed if not totally silenced. Reading women’s writings past and present around the globe allows us to destabilize the narratives which we are used to and reconstruct a world where different voices are valued as the foundation of human survival and prosperity. This lecture series explores writings by women from diverse historical periods and geographical areas.  It covers genres varying from short stories, poems and novels to folk songs and memoirs.

The topics and speakers are as follows:

  • Sept. 9 - "Women Writers in a Comparative Perspective: Chinese and British Women's Friendship Poetry in the 18th and Early 19th Centuries," Haihong Yang - Languages, Literatures & Cultures, Asian Studies Program
  • Sept. 16 - "Paradise Lost: Xiao Hong's Longing for Love," Maria Tu - Languages, Literatures & Cultures, Asian Studies Program
  • Sept. 23 - "'Comfort Women': Asian and Asian American Stories of Military Sexual Violence," Margaret Stetz - English, Women and Gender Studies
  • Sept. 30 - "Finding a Female Voice in Archaic Greece: Sappho of Lesbos," Marcaline Boyd - Languages, Literatures & Cultures
  • Oct. 7 - "Against Begnini's Hidden Women: Giuliana Tedeschi Responds to Life is Beautiful," David Winkler - Languages, Literatures & Cultures, Jewish Studies Program
  • Oct. 14 - "Possessed and Possessing: Women and Spirits in Japanese Literature," Rachael Hutchinson - Languages, Literatures & Cultures, Asian Studies Program
  • Oct. 21 - "Tanci: Women's Narratives in Late Imperial China," Zhang Yu - Loyola University Maryland
  • Oct. 28 - "The Mom Thriller: Motherhood on the Edge in Popular Culture," Cynthia Schmidt-Cruz - Languages, Literatures & Cultures, Latin American and Iberian Studies Program
  • Nov. 4 - "The Roots of French Feminism: Madeleine de Scudery (1607-1701) Critiques Marriage," Deborah Steinberger - Languages, Literatures & Cultures, European Studies Program
  • Nov. 11 - "Colette and the Belle Epoque," Ana Oancea - Languages, Literatures & Cultures
  • Nov. 18 - "Inter-Generational Conflicts in Savyon Liebrecht's Short Stories," Eynat Gutman - Languages, Literatures & Cultures, Jewish Studies Program
  • Dec. 2 - "Defining Femininity in Mongolian Nomadic Culture," Sunmin Yoon - Music, Asian Studies Program

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Fall 2019 Lecture Series - Open to the Public - Mondays 12:20-1:10pm in 108 Memorial Hall

​Fall 2019 Lecture Series - Open to the Public - Mondays 12:20-1:10pm in 108 Memorial Hall

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Fall 2019 Lecture Series
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Women Writers Around the Globe
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